Best Entrepreneur Jobs For College Students

If you're looking for a job with a big potential and know what you're doing, you should give entrepreneurship a shot.

If you don't know what you want to do, I'll list some great jobs for college students right now.

1. Freelance web developer

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An awesome place to start your career in business is freelancing.

Are you passionate about HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Javascript and PHP?

It's time to go find work doing web development on the side or to build a business with a website for your passion.

You'll need to get experience in your field before you can start a business.

Start by building websites for small businesses. This should be fun, even if you fail.

If you're good at HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP, you could make a comfortable living programming websites and even start a business designing and building them.

Many employers are looking for remote web developers that they can hire on the spot.

2. Startup entrepreneur

You've found your niche, so start a business. It's a great way to earn money, learn a lot about business and attract customers to your products or services.

There are plenty of online resources to start your own business. I've done it myself and it worked really well for me.

If you're not looking to launch a business full-time, consider teaching yourself some technical skills or getting a part-time job working for a business that sells something you believe in.

3. Blogger

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Blogging is an excellent way to get exposure for your writing skills. Most people with a blogging website or blog are able to make at least a few bucks off their writing (depending on their audience).

The money you can earn from blogging depends on a lot of factors. Generally speaking, the most successful blogs are those written by people who are using their blogs as a way to make money through ads and sponsorships.

If you're starting a blog to make money, you should know how to optimize ads and maintain a decent ad page, so it'll be a reliable source of income.

4. E-commerce entrepreneur

There are a lot of ways to make money online. And one of the most common ways to do it is selling products online.

You can create an e-commerce website that sells anything you want, from toys, to toys for your pets, to cell phones, to clothes or even chocolate.

The key to making money online is to create a profitable niche. And once you've got one, figure out a way to make the best sales possible. I did it myself and it worked really well for me.

5. Entrepreneurial consultant

You know something about some aspect of business and you want to teach other people to use it.

Start a consulting business and talk to other business owners to find out how they do things and help them do them better.

I worked with companies all over the US. If you can find a way to travel around to talk to business owners, it'll be great fun.

6. Peer-to-peer marketer

Can't find a way to make money blogging or e-commerce? Why not start a business selling to other people online?

Peer-to-peer marketer is a great way to make money.

Use your network to build a mailing list or a website where you sell products.

It's possible to make a great living doing this, especially if you add links to your email marketing campaign.

Some websites sell list building services, too.

These websites help you build a mailing list, get subscribers, and then do the marketing yourself or do it all for you.

7. DIY media creator

If you have some skill in photography, audio, graphic design, video, or podcasting, you could start a business doing what you love.

If you're a hobbyist, it's very easy to make a few dollars and get exposure in a wide variety of publications and media.

If you're an entrepreneur or even a freelance consultant, you can easily take your experience as a freelancer and turn it into a part-time job creating video courses, podcasts, online courses or even entire websites.

8. Full-time video creator

A BTS (behind the scenes) photo from John Buckleys music video 'Running back to you'. Director - Benedict Webb, DP - Joel Tucker

Create a video for YouTube, for video sharing sites such as Vimeo, and on sites like Jukedeck, ScreenFlow, and Shotcut, and start making some money.

It's easy to make a good living doing something you love.

You might only make enough to cover your living expenses, but with the average YouTube creator making over $140,000 a year, it's definitely a way to make more money with your hobbies.

9. Hybrid blogger

You know a lot about technology, and you want to start a blog or a website about it. You can do this and make money, or you can do something else entirely.

What you do will depend on what your unique selling point is.

You can learn programming to create widgets, put together tutorials and sell them, or do what I do and make money from reviews and learning how to use new technology.

10. Expert contributor

You've got a topic, or you know a lot about a topic, but you're not a veteran expert. You're not a tech guru.

You're not an SEO guru. You don't have any special skills or knowledge about a topic.

There are many industries in which it's valuable to have experience in one specific area, but you're not an expert in all the areas you've tried to become an expert in.

You're not an expert in everything.

You have to pick an area where you're an expert. Find a niche. A lot of people aren't experts at anything.

As the examples above show, you can make a good living just about anywhere you go.

Of course, you might have to get training and some marketing help.

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