How Do I Contact Sars Debt Management

Many people struggle with debt their whole lives, but some people take on too much debt very quickly. This is particularly true for credit card holders who begin accruing high monthly payments without understanding how to pay off their loans!

Some may also be familiar with the term creditor, but don’t know what it actually means. A lot of times these individuals find themselves in expensive debt conflicts because they didn’t understand the terms involved.

In fact, there are over 2,000 different names used for creditors throughout history. Some examples include loan shark, usurer, money lender, and even blackmailer. Each one has a different connotation that depends on whom you ask and when.

Luckily, you do not have to face this stigma head-on unless you want to. By educating yourself on your most common lenders, we can mitigate any negative effects that a creditor might have on your life.

Phone number

how do i contact sars debt management

If you are struggling to pay off your debts, there is one place you can go that offers free debt counselling. This is done through an organisation called Credit Repair Services Australia (CRA).

They have professional consultants available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will assess all of your credit card, loan and mortgage accounts to see if you can make changes to improve your credit.

These include changing lenders or providers, negotiating lower monthly payments, finding ways to reduce interest charges and services fees, and/or getting rid of a credit contract.

In addition to this, CRA has specialists in workplace banking which may help ease stress about money worries.

By working with them, it is believed to save average households up to $1,000 per year! That’s not including the time saved from reducing debt.

Write down the exact address in pen and paper

how do i contact sars debt management

Even though it may feel overwhelming trying to find the right company for you, don’t worry! There are things you can do to make your job easier.

First, remember that there is no one “right” way to contact sars debt management. What works for one person might not work for you or me.

Instead of calling them at their office every time you have an inquiry, you can use their website as a more efficient solution. You will also get the same results by sending them an email instead.

By taking these steps now, you will save yourself some time later. The best thing about digital media is that we are able to easily access it, which helps us organize our messages and stay organized ourselves.

I recommend using your phone or computer to write down the important information such as addresses and phone numbers. Then, either print out the message and take it with you or type the info into another app or software such as Google Maps or Yelp.

Create a plan on how to contact them

how do i contact sars debt management

If you are unable to reach debt management via phone calls, emails, or in-person meetings, there is another way to speak with an expert about your credit situation. Credit repair companies have representatives that help individuals through bankruptcy proceedings as well as other ways to manage their credit.

A debt relief company may be able to offer you some tips or even hire them to handle your case if you are hopelessly lost. Having this option can give you back control of your finances and put you in a better position to take care of things.

Some signs that a company is not legitimate include no response to messages and/or attempts to get you to pay for services up front, but instead, constant reminders that you must be out of money before they do anything. You also should look into whether they are regulated by state laws.

Research the company

how do i contact sars debt management

Many professional organisations offer credit card monitoring services. This is done through companies that have you as a member, with rewards for using their service.

By adding this service to your debt repayment plan, the organisation will keep an eye on your spending patterns and get updates when you switch cards or add new ones.

They’ll also send you regular emails updating you on your money health and offering tips to help you stay within budget.

This can be particularly helpful if you find yourself in a situation where you need to make large purchases (like a car!). Credit card monitoring apps can alert you days before you run out of cash!

Be sure to check out all of their terms first, but overall, most are good ways to manage debt.

Exclude possible fraud

Recent reports of debt collection companies buying up large amounts of credit card accounts to increase their own revenues is a cause for concern. This article will talk you through some potential red flags that could indicate if this tactic is being employed in your student’s case.

If you feel as though you are being targeted by a particular company, then it is important to remember that these firms are paid to collect debts so there is no moral obligation to pay what they claim is owed.

By reading about common tactics used by professional collectors, you can get an idea of whether or not this situation applies to yours.

Confirm your identity

how do i contact sars debt management

A lot of organisations that offer credit counselling services ask for some form of identification to show they can contact you at any time. This is not only so they know who they are contacting, but also to verify your identity – most don’t want false claims!

Usually you need to provide proof of address, employment or student status, as well as your date of birth. They may also require proof of income by asking about pay slips or receipts, or if you’re self-employed they will ask about tax returns or similar documents.

Income isn’t the only thing that sars debt management look at when calculating whether you can afford to repay loans. Other things considered include savings, assets such as houses or cars, and how much interest you are paying on existing loans.

There is no one set way to prove your identity, so it’s best to pick and choose what details you can easily produce and then make sure you don’t forget anything.

Provide them with your proof of debt

how do i contact sars debt management

If you are able to provide proof that you are in possession of their documents, then it is very helpful for they to know this.
You can take pictures or make copies and store these in a safe place.

If possible, also keep a copy yourself as well so you have another one at a later date.

Make sure to note down some details such as account numbers, creditors’ names and contact information. This way you will always remember who to call!

SARS has made it easy to send off your paperwork via email. Simply include all of the above mentioned items and upload the documents. Make sure to use a trustworthy source to verify that you sent it and that it was received by them.

Tell them how you wish to pay

how do i contact sars debt management

If you are struggling with debt, then it is important to be honest about your situation. You should discuss potential payment plans with your creditors directly!

By speaking to each creditor individually, this gives you an opportunity to see if they will agree to a repayment plan that can help you get back onto track financially.

This does not mean that you give up, however. It means using different tactics to gain access to money so that you can fix your credit. For example, lenders may offer low-interest loans or credit cards in exchange for monthly payments just under what you would normally afford.

Alternatively, they may ask you to take out a personal loan which has lower interest rates than normal credit cards. In both of these cases, you will have to confirm whether you can manage such a large commitment month-to-month.

It is also worth checking whether there are any services that will assist you in paying off your debts. There are many companies that offer credit counseling, budgeting apps, and other tools to help you stay within your limits.

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