How Much Is Lufthansa Premium Economy?

What is premium economy? Why are there extra perks for elite airline travelers? And what does it have to do with your wallet?

A few years ago, airlines started offering an upgraded passenger experience they called “premium economy” or sometimes just “economy class.” Unlike regular coach (or budget) classes that feature little more than padded seats and thin pillows, this new fare category offers additional amenities such as flat-screen TVs, fully stocked drink carts, fresh fruits and vegetables, an in-flight meal option, and even shower facilities.

Many people praise these add-ons because you get more out of the flight experience. You feel like a real traveler now, knowing how good you can make the road trip or vacation by investing in this better onboard product.

But unfortunately, premium economy isn’t actually all that expensively priced. In fact, some routes even put the price in super cheap territory!

That makes this upgrade seem less worthy, right? After all, why would you pay more money if you don’t need all those fancy things? Plus, many people believe that frequent fliers already enjoy a high level of customer service, so adding extras seems unnecessary.

More space

One of the biggest perks of flying in premium economy is more room to spread out. You have access to an personal, private seat with enough space for all your luggage and goods. There are also additional overhead compartments you can use if needed.

There’s no need to worry about packing heavy or overpacking due to lack of space either as there’s plenty of room to relax and enjoy the flight.

You don’t have to pay extra for this accommodation style but it is still very affordable compared to regular first class flights.

More amenities

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Beyond offering more legroom, premium economy seats in Germany’s largest airlines also offer additional perks. Some have bigger screens for watching movies or YouTube videos, while others come with USB ports to connect your device.

Many allow you to pull out tables or chairs, making it possible to work or read during takeoff and landing. Some even have smart-device chargers so you don’t need to bring your own.

Some flights include snacks and drinks, but remember that regular passengers paid for those things.

Better food

how is lufthansa premium economy

In premium economy, you get better quality snacks and drinks than regular coach class. You also have access to in-flight entertainment that is much more advanced than before.

Lufthansa has its own in-flight catering company so they can cater to individual tastes and special requests. They even offer vegetarian options!

In economy, you will receive flatbread or pretzel bread with butter and cheese, fruit, vegetables, crackers and/or dried fruits, yogurt, milk, water and sometimes dessert such as cookies or chocolate bars.

There are no junk foods in premium economy — only nutritious ones! This makes it easier for most people to find something they like and eat without getting hungry again later.

You will probably enjoy your meal more because there’s less of everything else around it. There isn’t any empty space where nothing belongs and therefore, there’s not quite the same feeling of being surrounded by lack luster things.

More comfortable seating

how is lufthansa premium economy

In premium economy, you get more personal space to work in than business class where there is typically less room behind the seat and under the seats. You also have access to snacks and drinks that are better quality too!

Premium economy comes with slightly wider seats and bigger armrests for additional comfort. The tray table can be extended so you can use it as an extra working surface or place to put your bag.

You will enjoy this service if you like to read books, do some work or just relax after traveling.

Better service

how is lufthansa premium economy

Beyond offering additional leg room, premium economy seats in Germany’s largest airlines also offer better personal services than regular economy flights.

Premium travelers may be given more personalized attention due to their status. For example, business class passengers are typically greeted with a warm drink and small snacks or lunch while traveling for leisure.

On a flight within Europe, at least one airline will provide refreshments such as wine and soft drinks. Some even have food or buffet-style meals available.

However, not all beverages and snacks are an adequate quality experience. Many planes still offer only hard sodas and salty nuts which can be expensive when you're paying top dollar for your ticket.

In comparison, European carriers that offer premium economy don't skimp on hospitality either. Almost always, they'll supply fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, and/or cold meats. Most times, these things are free too!

These extras make the experience much nicer because you won’t go hungry and you’ll enjoy them during downtime.

Costlier tickets

how is lufthansa premium economy

The price of a ticket in premium economy is actually higher than regular business class or first class. This makes it more expensive if you are traveling for budget purposes, since you cannot find many savings here!

The difference between elite service and standard coach air travel comes down to one thing – seat width.

In normal business class or first class, there are only 6-8 inches of space per person along the entire length of the row. In other words, even though there may be an extra inch or two of leg room, your neighbors will be sitting very close.

This isn’t ideal when some people like personal space or things get packed away during flight delays.

In premium economy, however, every row has at least 10 feet of individual seating area per person. This gives everyone their own space and helps mitigate issues with crowding.

But this additional space costs money! It is costed into the fare as “upgrade fees” that vary depending on how much longer you want to stay in luxury. These fees can easily add up over several trips, making the experience not quite as cheap as before.

Better luggage allowance

how is lufthansa premium economy

In premium economy, you get 1 bag that must fit in an overhead compartment or under your seat. You also have access to small personal items like roll-on bags and backpacks.

There is no assigned seating in premium economy so if there are empty seats next to each other, you can choose either one. Plus, most planes only have one entrance and exit, making it easy to depart or arrive after take off or before landing.

Greater privacy

how is lufthansa premium economy

As we mentioned before, you can’t make eye contact in premium economy, there are no tray tables or seatback pockets to stash things, and drinks must be carried through the cabin with you.
But what many don't realize is that even though these items are missing, your personal belongings still get protected by laws!

In Europe, it's actually illegal to carry onto an airplane anything larger than a laptop bag. The reason for this is called "risk of theft." Since airlines typically have 24-hour security, someone could easily steal your belongings while you're not looking.

So instead of keeping them in a checked luggage that you'll only use for a few hours at most, put all of your important possessions into one of the airline's pre-paid bags. This way, they're protected legally! You can also buy additional protection for your bags if you'd like.

For more tips on protecting yourself from baggage thefts, read our article here.

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