How Much Is Premium Economy On British Airways?

Recent developments for British Airways (BA) premium economy and business class travelers are their introduction of paid space in those classes. Currently, you have to choose between paying full price to sit in premium economy or buying a ticket that has less expensive seats but is still not truly budget-friendly due to the extra fees attached to them.

With its new “Priority Pass” service, BA will offer an all-inclusive experience across the airline within the confines of the plane. You get the same amenities as true elite status, including top-notch food and drink, entertainment, and comfortable seating.

However, what sets this service apart is that it comes with access to the company’s private jet! Yes, a fully equipped jet at your disposal every time you fly. What a way to take advantage of one of the most popular features of the carrier.

Here, we will talk about how much cost BA puts into each tier of its Priority Pass program. We will also look at some things that come along with these tiers so that you can be prepared if you decide to invest in the plan that best fits you.


This article should serve as both awareness and preparation tool for frequent flier programs and other similar types of perks. Although some may consider these costs high, they are very common in the travel industry. Most airlines do not make these clear benefits known to their customers.

What is the difference between premium economy and luxury economy?

how much is premium economy on british airways

In normal class, you have to pay extra for more services. You get slightly bigger seats that are still not very spacious, no overhead storage, and limited access to the airline’s mobile app. Plus, there’s no private area where you can store your luggage.

In business or first class, you enjoy even better perks. These include larger, fully-enclosed suites with personal amenities like smart TVs and refreshments, full food and drink options, and possibly some non-mobile phone apps. There may also be additional daily entertainment (like movies) and in-flight shopping.

But what if you don’t want all of those things? What if you just want a quiet place to relax, read, or do some work?

You can! And it costs less than you might think.

The key word here is “premium.” With BA, one of the most expensive airlines out there, their highest tier — which we will refer to as “luxury” class from now on — only costs $129 per person each way. That’s half price compared to the rest of the market!

And while the term “business” class has fallen out of favor due to poor service and overpriced snacks, premium economy comes pretty close. It too cost around $129 per person round trip.

How much is premium economy on British Airways?

how much is premium economy on british airways

In 2017, just before Christmas, BA introduced its first ever fully refundable luxury seat product – Re-Imagined First Class. Since then, it has been raining champagne for frequent fliers as they can now enjoy the highest level of comfort in their personal space at half price!

Prior to this upgrade, business class was already quite expensive, but first class was still relatively affordable. With no reclining seats or an open bar, first class was always outpriced.

Now that first class has been replaced with re-imagined first class, however, it’s not only more comfortable (no cramped seating!), it’s also significantly less expensive per person than before!

Not only do you get all of the amenities of regular first class, you get them at a discount too! This makes it possible to spend money on other things like food or entertainment while traveling.

How much is luxury economy on British Airways?

how much is premium economy on british airways

Luxury economy fares are still quite expensive, but they have steadily decreased in price over the past few years. The good news for savvy frequent flyers is that you can now buy “premium” tickets on some airlines at an even lower cost than regular economy tickets!

Today we will be comparing how much luxury economy ticket prices are on British Airways (BA). These premium seats include more leg room, better food and drink options, and additional entertainment features.

Overall, BA has the most luxurious economy class seats of any airline that we reviewed here at

Is there a difference in price between premium economy and luxury economy?

how much is premium economy on british airways

While both types of economy seating are cost-effective, not all airlines offer each type of ticket to every flight. Some only have one or the other, while others may refer to their premium economy as business class or first class with upgrades.

So what is the difference between premium economy and luxury economy tickets? It’s really just about having access to more features than the regular economy seats!

You will typically get slightly better accommodations in premium economy (more space, larger beds, etc) but you won’t be getting extra amenities like flat screen TVs or lounges. That being said, some carriers do include snacks and beverages in the fare so you don’t need to bring your own anything.

Another major differentiator is the size of the seat — most airline brands have limited vertical room in economy, but they often have additional legroom in premium economy. This can make a huge difference if you’re traveling with kids or people that need to lie down for sleep during the trip.

Are there different seating locations?

how much is premium economy on british airways

Yes, you have two types of seats when traveling in premium economy. There are so-called ‘flat seat’ options or ‘aisle seat’ ones. With flat seats, you will get access to an overhead storage bin and space under your tray table, but no real additional leg room. This is typically the better choice if you need more space for luggage as well!

With aisle seats, you’ll have slightly less floor space than regular first class, but still enough to put bags away. Both reward styles have small personal TVs, though only one has direct Wi-Fi.

Who is this for?

how much is premium economy on british airways

Recent additions to British Airways (BA) premium economy seating are not only comfortable, but also have great benefits. What makes these seats different than regular first class is that they do not offer as large an overhead compartment or personal TV screens.

However, what they do give you is more space in front of your seat cushion, better food and drink options, and additional room under your seat bag. This article will discuss who can enjoy these perks and how much it costs!

Cost per person depends on the length of flight, airplane type, and cabin service chosen. To keep things simple, we’ll use the BA 4-night round trip itinerary at

This gives us the following details:

Flight: London–New York

Duration: 9 hours 35 minutes

Take off: 10:35 AM

Landing: 6:05 PM

Aircraft: Airbus A380

Service: Business Class

Dinner: None

Day 2: Los Angeles

What makes this package special is the extra legroom in coach. You get 1 row of recline before you hit the bulkhead, which is very common on long flights.

The best way to describe the difference between business class and premium economy is size.

Why would I want this?

how much is premium economy on british airways

If you are traveling for business or for close family, then these upgraded seats may be your favorite new feature. Business class has bigger desks with better amenities, more comfortable seating, and larger overhead bins to hold all of your expensive luggage.

Business travelers love the extra space due to their baguettes being able to fit in the compartment under the seat. There is also an arm rest area that is large enough to put down your drink or computer!

In economy there are no such benefits so if you are looking to enjoy some peace and quiet, look out!

These premium cabin tickets can cost up to twice as much per person depending on what flight you are buying and how many people you have – making it not very budget friendly.

If you really need the luxury though, don’t feel like you have to take advantage of it every time American, United, or another airline flies BA.

Will there be enough space?

how much is premium economy on british airways

Even with just standard economy, you’re still paying for more than what you get. The good news is that most airlines these days offer at least some type of “regular” economy class to choose from, making it easy to find your balance between budget and quality of service.

But before you assume that an upgrade means better seats or bigger overhead bins, make sure you have appropriate luggage storage/access. And even if there’s room for both types of travel in the back of the plane, will there be enough comfortable seating?

You also need to think about how accessible the meal options are and whether they’re adequate for someone who doesn’t eat meat. (Many vegetarian-friendly snacks can cost extra.)

And finally, how frequent are flight departures during off season times? You want to be able to use this ticket frequently, so don’t buy it when winter comes.

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