How Much Is Premium Economy

Recent reports claim that some airlines are now offering an additional, more expensive premium economy class seat. The price of this new premium economy seating option is around 2-3 times what traditional coach seats cost!

Many people have criticized these extra fee tiers as overpriced luxury travel amenities. Others say that it makes sense for carriers to offer a higher quality experience since they get paid more for them.

However, there are still those who can’t make any claims about whether or not this new premium economy product is worth its high price.

This article will talk about how much each individual row in the airline's premium economy cabin costs, what benefits you receive by spending money on one, and if it is worth paying for.

Benefits of premium economy

how much is premium economy

There are some slight differences between business class and elite luxury status cabin rewards. Business class upgrades typically include larger seats, more pillows, better overhead compartments, and/or bigger windows. Some also offer extra-thick blankets or fresh towels, additional snacks, or drinks.

But none of these things matter much if you’re not able to recline your seat fully, which is what most people want to do once the flight has finished. The average person would rather sit up than be back pressed against other passengers for too long, so this option is limited only to early flights when there may not be enough demand to justify buying an upgrade at that time.

Business class flyers often pay slightly more per ticket because they get more expensive perks, but that price can drop down dramatically depending on how many elites travel with someone else who does. Because of this, it is in their best interest to purchase solo tickets sometimes. Even just flying one day will save them money!

Elite cabins have large screens where you can place yourself for entertainment, and some even allow you to connect to Wi-Fi. This way, you don’t have to use the airline app or mobile device connection while traveling.

Downsides of premium economy

how much is premium economy

There are some drawbacks to traveling in premium economy, but they are very minor. The most common complaints are that there is not enough space to store things or access to good resources such as books or laptops.

Another drawback is limited food options. You can purchase snacks and drinks at an expensive price, making it difficult for you to stay within your budget.

And because these airlines do not have their own onboard stores, you will probably spend more money than normal if you want to refresh or replenish supplies.

Examples of premium economy

how much is premium economy

There are many different names for this type of ticket, but what they all have in common is that you pay more to sit in higher quality seats or in larger, more comfortable seating.

Some examples include business class, first class, high-quality coach, elite passenger, luxury traveler market, or simply expensive seat tickets.

On some airlines, these types of tickets exist at similar prices. However, others make them far cheaper than true business class. For example, if you want to take advantage of an overhead bin, you’ll need to purchase cheap coach!

Fortunately, most airline brands offer at least one level of premium economy so you don’t have to spend very much money to enjoy some extra perks. Even better, some even let you choose which side of the plane you prefer, making it feel like a real upgrade.

Examples of normal economy

how much is premium economy

What is standard class seating? That’s the price you pay for choosing to sit in an airplane row that does not have premium or business classes. Row 38B, for example, costs $399 per seat.

What is standard class seating? That’s the price you pay for choosing to sit in an airplane row that does not have premium or business classes. Row 38B, for example, costs $399 per seat. Business class comes with more amenities — bigger seats, better snacks, free drinks, etc. Prices start at around $500 per ticket.

Premium class tickets are even pricier! They include all the perks of first-class, but without the fancy name. Some airlines refer to them as “upper deck” or “upgraded coach.”

There’s no universal definition of what makes an airline feel like it’s in premium class, but typically things you can expect include higher quality pillows, larger overhead compartments, and maybe even extra leg room. A few only offer additional space via small poufs instead of actual seats.

How expensive is elite status?

Elite status comes with pretty much exclusive benefits. You usually get upgraded seating (or sometimes just a different row), food and drink upgrades, entry into a private lounge where your bags will be checked, and/or a daily upgrade.

Some elites receive a slightly nicer flight cabin bag too.

Tips for booking premium economy

how much is premium economy

There is one important thing to note about premium economy tickets- there are no normal doors! That means you cannot access the lavatory or exit the plane through that area.

You can, however, access your device at any time during the flight via WiFi or by asking someone to help you connect with their phone. Plus, some airlines allow you to use the bathroom before takeoff and after landing if you have enough room in your luggage.

Tips for booking normal economy

how much is premium economy

If you are traveling very close to your destination, or just need some extra space, regular economy is the better choice. You will save money by choosing this option, but make sure you know what things look like in order to avoid any issues!

There is an additional fee for premium economy seats which can add up quickly if you are not aware of it. Some airlines completely hide the price of premium economy until right before you check out, making it tricky to compare prices accurately.

Many times carriers will also charge a per person airport passenger facility fee (APPF) when checking into their lounge in terminal, which includes premium seating. This APPF can easily add up as well so be aware of that!

General tips: When buying airline tickets, do not pay too much attention to discounts unless you have clear proof that the deal applies to the exact ticket you want to purchase.

Some companies will include the cost of one standard seat in premium economy in the discount, but there may be restrictions on how many rows back you can sit. They may also only apply to certain flights.

Price differences between premium and normal economy

how much is premium economy

There is no price difference for regular economy seats, however, business class tickets are more expensive. Business class comes with additional perks that include better seating, bigger pillows, higher quality food and drink, and possibly even a bed!

Business class passengers also have access to in-flight entertainment which includes laptops, phones, or other devices you can use to watch movies, surf the web, or just relax. Some planes even have large screen TVs where you can watch films or TV shows while still enjoying the rest of the flight.

There is one cost difference though – the duty free bag. These bags are not cheap and usually cost around $150–$250 per person. But this money is worth it as you get to choose from an assortment of international brands and you receive a souvenir bag that you can take home.

Have I booked the right ticket?

how much is premium economy

Recent reports claim that some airlines are now offering an “economy” premium economy seat, or at least a less expensive ticket if you opt for one of these seats instead of regular business class.

This is very concerning to us since this concept was first introduced in 2010! Back then they called it ultra-premium economy, but ever since it became popularized as economy class, people have complained about not having enough space.

Now some carriers are going back and forth with whether or not to call their lower cost seating category premium economy or just economy.

Luckily we have a pretty easy way to tell if your next flight has an upgrade option beyond standard coach!

We gathered all of our data from flights within North America over the past year to see what price levels each airline would qualify as premium economy. Using our pricing tool, you can quickly check here to find out!

From there, you can also compare prices between different travel dates and times to determine which is the best value per hour spent traveling.

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