How To Make Money Fast As A Teenage Girl

The average teenage girl spends around $2,500- $4,000 every two years.

I'm assuming that these figures have been adjusted for inflation.

Okay. So we know these facts.

And what's even worse, I could be spending that money on a whole lot of things that I don't actually need.

So, here are 5 cash-flow tips for a teenage girl

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1. Clear Out Your closet

This is a no brainer. A teenage girl goes through two to three outfits a week.

This is because teenage girls tend to change their style about every six months or so.

But if I'm going to buy new clothes, I need to go to the mall. This is not easy to do when you're working two jobs.

So do yourself a favor and just throw your clothes away.

2. Save on everything

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Teenage girls don't really need new clothes. So save your money for big ticket items.

For example, right now there are girls out there that are selling stuff on Facebook to make money.

Prices range from a few dollars to $80 for designer dresses. If you have a creative eye and good taste, these can be great finds.

Also, I've discovered a great site to sell some of your clothes.

3. Mow lawns for pay

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This may sound crazy to you, but many girls can make extra money mowing lawns. Now I know this sounds awful, but the pay is better than you might think.

An 18-year-old girl can make $150- $200 a week mowing lawns. But she's getting paid to go to school.

Why not do it?

There are two main ways you can make money mowing lawns.

One is by simply cutting grass. Just go to your local convenience store or big box store and ask for their coupon book.

Once they give you one, go to the lawn section of the store and look for ads with lawn-cutting opportunities. Cut grass is worth about $10 per bag.

Now, you can also ask the person who mows the lawn to give you their coupons. I'm not kidding. Some people are legit. But don't take their word for it.

Go online to and search for "people who mow lawns". Take a look at their ads.

4. Sell your art On Etsy

Sometimes you can get extra cash by just selling your artwork on Etsy.

Here are some great artists who sell their work on Etsy.

One of my favorite artists on Etsy is ____bee. You should definitely check out her pieces.

Another one of my favorite artists is The Hat Lady.

Her hats are beautiful and her prices are really affordable. She will also do custom orders.

Another artist who does custom orders is Rachel.

5. Do dollar donation thing

Young woman holding money.

Some girls get a lot of cash by simply asking their parents for cash. Here's what I do when I need to go to the store.

My mom and dad will give me $50 for gas. Okay, I'll admit this was one of the best money-making ideas.

And if I have to drive to work, I get paid $50. Okay, I'm not going to tell you to ask your parents for cash.

I think you'll probably get a better raise at McDonald's or Walmart.

But if you want to learn more about how this works, you can go to MSN Money and read about it there.

6. Go on free dates

Okay, here's another weird money-making idea that doesn't sound too weird if you know the right people.

Many teenage girls get hired to go out on free dates. But the pay is much higher than you might think.

Here's a freebie: Make sure you go to your local party store and ask to get a job there.

Ask for the manager and tell him or her that you're good with people.

If they hire you, you're on your way to making a lot of cash. You just have to walk around, talk to people, and be kind to them.

If you can charm your way into a party store or a fast-food restaurant, you can make money there.

Maybe your mom works at a grocery store and she gives you some extra shifts.

Or maybe you go into the adult section of your local Walgreens or CVS and look for posters you can put up in your bedroom.

Or maybe you're a student, and you go to bookstores and ask to get a job. You can be on the sales floor and run a register.

The one thing that's important to keep in mind is that you have to work when other people aren't. You can't take a day off.

Some of my friends worked in the office of their high school. I'm sure most high schools have one, and you can probably get a job there.

These jobs are not glamorous.

You may be wearing jeans and a polo shirt.

But that's okay. I know that many girls hate going to the office and they're just happy to have something to do.

The key is to keep your customers happy.

You can never make a mistake, and you never want to seem "snooty" or "snooty-ish" or whatever the words are for snobby.

If you're nervous about working in an office, then go to an office supply store.

There are jobs there, too. Maybe you'll get to work for Staples, or the office building supply store.

Or maybe you'll get to work at Kinko's or some other printing place.

Again, you want to make sure you're friendly to everyone you work with. You never want to come off as being "too good."

You'll get your first big pay day after you sign up for an internship. The internship is not a free ride.

It's a paid internship.

I signed up for an internship at a small start-up, and the boss paid me $1000. That's a really good paycheck for a college student.

And he paid me for two weeks. He also gave me a $1000 referral bonus.

It was a really great experience, and it helped me gain my confidence and get the idea that I could do something with my life.

7. Become a fashion designer

Person sketching dress on printer paper with clip board

Last year, my wife was in a modeling contest. She didn't win. But she did get a lot of publicity and exposure for her modeling career.

And while she didn't win, she did get her foot in the door of some interesting and exciting opportunities. Somebody contacted her about modeling as a side business.

She's not crazy about the whole fashion thing. That's okay, you can do it as a side job.

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