How To Understand Pure Command Economy

As we mentioned earlier, our spending habits have a significant influence over our lives. We spend money to show off how rich and successful we are, to gain attention, or to feel better about ourselves.

In fact, according of an article published in Business Insider, people spent an average of $1,200 per month on things that make them happy. 1! That's one-thousand twenty dollars per month!

We're so focused on making more money that we forget what really makes us happy. So, before you decide where to cut back your budget, figure out which areas can be left alone and still satisfy your needs.

There is no reason to deprive yourself of food, clothing, shelter, and health if you don't need them. In fact, it will probably increase your happiness.

And while you may think that buying a new smartphone every six months is part of who you are as a person, research shows that it can add to mental stress. A recent study conducted by Harvard researchers found that having too much technology access can contribute to feelings of anxiety and worry.

So, instead of giving into the urge to buy something new, try limiting your screen time. It'll save you some cash, and help you find happier times. Check out this list for ways to do just that.

History of pure command economy

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The term ‘command economy’ refers to an economic system where one individual or group is in control, typically limiting access to resources and products. This model has been around for quite some time, with various countries using it at different times. Some examples are China today, Iran before the revolution, and North Korea during their most prosperous years.

Command economies usually do not have a free market, nor do they allow for private business transactions. Only state-run organizations can exist and operate within the economy. These businesses are run by either the government or the leader of the organization, who receives special privileges that other people do not.

The more powerful someone is, the greater amount of influence they have over the rest of the society, which sometimes includes controlling what food people eat, what clothes they wear, and how much money they have. In these situations, only one brand of product exists and is spread through propaganda.

Causes of pure command economy

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One of the major causes of a pure command economy is when there are no rules or regulations governing how business operates.

In a true capitalist system, businesses must abide by certain standards to remain in operation. For example, you can’t just go into a store and take what you want without paying for it- that isn’t capitalism!

But with a pure command economy, people are not limited to buying what companies offer because they don’t feel like being taxed on goods and services. This lack of regulation creates an environment where people get creative about finding ways to pay less income tax.

Effects of pure command economy

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One significant effect that a pure command economy has is to shift power away from people with money and towards those who have more control over their resources, such as employees and shareholders.

Power in a capitalist system is derived from having enough wealth to out-compete others. If you are not rich, your chances of achieving success decrease drastically because you are competing against people who are.

In a pure command economy, however, this isn’t the case. The wealthy still enjoy most of the benefits, but the rest gain by splitting up the pie more evenly.

By taking control of how your company is run, you take charge of what it produces and how much of it you get paid. This effects your own pay rise or fall depending on whether or not you make a good salary right now!

There are several reasons why a pure command economy is better than a market one. Let us look at some examples of these.

Future of pure command economy

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As we have seen, there are several types of economies in place for society. These include capitalism, communism, and what some refer to as “enforced cooperation” or “utopian socialism.”

The term communist was originally coined by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in their book The Communist Manifesto, written back in 1848. They described it as an economic system where production and distribution is organized through centralized state power.

Since then, many people have used different terms to describe this ideology, such as socialist, Marxist,communist-capitalist, etc. However, they all share the same fundamental goal: creating an environment free of exploitation and oppression.

Try to implement a pure command economy

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What is a pure command economy? This is an internal currency system where goods or services are given as rewards for good behavior and punishments for poor behavior.

A pure command economy does not have a formalized reward and punishment structure, but people within the organization give each other things because they want them.

They may feel that you deserve it, thus motivating more productivity, or they may simply like you and want to show their support, etc.

Get familiar with the law

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In recent years, there has been an increasing focus within the anarchist community to promote what we call a pure command economy. This is done through various methods of self-sufficiency that prioritize autonomy over reliance on external sources for food, shelter, and security.

The most well known versions of this are arguably direct exchange networks like barter systems or decentralized currencies such as Bitcoin. Others may refer more broadly to “self-sufficientism” or “prepper culture.”

Regardless of how it’s called, one thing all these strategies have in common is they emphasize maximizing our individual supply of food, medicine, and other necessities ahead of relying on the market.

This is because no matter what kind of currency you use, the system will always exist somewhere behind the scenes. It will be made up of individuals who agree to contribute their resources towards a specific goal, which is then consumed collectively.

In other words, when someone else needs something you have, they must give you permission to take it before you can satisfy your desire.

Stay anonymous

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Recent events have shown that even though Bitcoin was designed to be completely private, it is not always practical or possible to remain anonymous when investing in cryptocurrency. Due to how popular cryptocurrencies are becoming, people are constantly being identified through their purchases.

There are several ways to invest in crypto without having to reveal your identity. Some of the most common strategies include using an exchange account, trading with someone known personally, or investing in projects that use stealth addresses as payment processors.

Stealth Addresses are one way to invest in crypto while staying anonymous! A stealth address is a pseudo-name for a wallet where users can send and receive bitcoins privately and anonymously. There are some brands which will create these wallets for you so that you do not need to know anything about them!

These types of wallets are great because they conceal who owns the coins and what transactions happen with them. It also does not require any software or apps to access the funds since it happens virtually.

Stay hidden

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In a total economy, as we have now seen, there is an emphasis on spending money to gain more money. As popular as this system is, it is also one of the main causes for our current state of over-consumption.

In a pure command economy, you spend your money on things that make you happy. You spend money to fulfill your dreams or hobbies, to invest in yourself and life, to satisfy your desire for wealth. You spend money to enjoy food, clothing, shelter, and transportation.

You get these benefits by having enough money to buy them. If you do not feel like you have enough money to live, then you should try to reduce your expenses.

This will take some time, however, because most people were socialized into thinking that you need to own lots of expensive things to be successful.

Social proof is powerful! It can influence us to keep buying things even when we do not want to. So, if you are struggling with income, it may be hard to motivate yourself to make big changes to your lifestyle.

Fortunately, there are ways to stay motivated without using materialistic gifts, rewards, or incentives. These tips focus on creating internal motivation instead.

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