Small Business Promotional Items No Minimum

This article will discuss what types of promotional items you can offer that can be used to promote your small business.

The cost will depend on the cost of the items you buy, where you choose to buy them from, and other factors.

Small business promotion products

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Promotional items that you offer may come in many forms. Some are free, and some will cost you money.

Some are small, and some are large. But all of them are still promotional.

Here are some of the types of promotional items that you can offer your customers:

  • Posters
  • Pens
  • Sticky Notes
  • Fliers
  • Display Banners
  • Posters and flags

Posters, flags, and signs are items that you can hang outside your business. These items usually don't cost much, but they can be very eye-catching.

You can usually hang them from your windows or outside your building.

Fold-up banners

Fold-up banners are also a great promotional item to offer. You can hang these from your windows or outside your business.

The banners usually cost a few dollars, but they are great marketing tools.

Display Banners

Display banners are a bit pricier, but they are one of the most popular promotional items for businesses of any size.

These can be purchased in rolls of 30 or 50. You can also buy them in-store so that you can display them in your store.

They usually cost a few dollars for each 30-inch by 60-inch piece.


LaunchCoats are also great promotional items to offer to your customers.

You can sell them in your store, or you can place them in the lobby or outside your building.

The price varies, depending on the size and style. LaunchCoats sell for as little as $8 to as much as $100.

Sales promotional items


Some sales promotional items are also great promotional items to offer your customers.

Here are some of the most popular sales promotional items to offer:

  • Information Books
  • Stickers
  • Posters
  • Chalk Boards
  • Sticker Cards
  • Chalk


You can also use chalk for promotional purposes. You can use it to write messages on the sidewalk outside your business.

You can also place it on the floor of your parking lot.

If you want to have an outdoor sale, chalk is a great way to let people know that you have something special for sale.


You can also use artwork to promote your small business. This can be in the form of a mural on your building.

Or it can be an artwork that you hang in your window. These can be promotional items to offer to your customers.

The price can range from a few dollars to hundreds.


Some of the best promotional items to offer your customers are electronics.

These can be used to promote your small business in many ways.

LED Display Boards

LED Display Boards are a great sales promotional item to offer your customers.

These boards have LCD screens, and they are a great way to display information and offer promotions.

They are usually in the form of a ring or a ringless ring. They range in price from a few dollars to several dollars.

Potential side effects

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The cost of promotional items can add up, especially if you sell a variety of them.

If you sell some promotional items that you use to promote your business and its services, you might want to be aware of the potential side effects.

Two of the most common side effects that you should be aware of are theft and poor customer experience.


Many people are very suspicious of strangers, and they don't like the idea of someone hanging around the area they are visiting.

That's why some customers will ask you to take down your promotional items if they are going to be around for more than a few hours.

However, if you are going to offer items like signs, you shouldn't be worried. You should be able to use them safely and effectively.

Poor customer experience

Customers don't like when they feel like they are being harassed by a store. It's a distraction to them and the business.

If you are in an area where the customers are already upset, this could give them an excuse to leave your store in a bad mood.

This can hurt your customer's overall experience.

If you don't offer promotions to your customers, they will have no reason to come back.

If you do offer promotions, then you can make your customers more likely to keep coming back.

Another potential side effect of offering promotional items is that some of your customers will be offended.

They may think that your promotional items are part of the promotion.

If you are running a business where the customer is the focus, you should probably leave the promotional items out.

However, if you don't plan to use your promotional items to sell your products, then they can be useful in attracting new customers.

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