What Are The 6 Promotional Strategies

This article will discuss 6 promotional strategies for a brand.

While many websites and business owners are self-taught or have been taught through reading blogs, many lessons are not in books.

This article will talk about 6 promotional strategies that have proven to be effective in getting the traffic your website or blog needs to succeed.

1. Giveaway

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A giveaway is one of the most effective ways to generate organic traffic. It is also one of the most ignored techniques.

Many websites and business owners don’t know how to leverage giveaways.

A giveaway is where you give away something valuable to your audience in exchange for their contact information or other information.

When done right, giveaways can provide a tremendous return on investment for your business. They can provide multiple products for your audience at a discounted price.

They can generate goodwill and provide all sorts of opportunities to get in touch with your audience.

2. Free eBooks

This technique is simply free. Free means no cost to you, the company, or the audience.

The primary benefit of free eBooks is that they provide value to your audience that a paying product or service does not.

This can be either in the form of an insightful article or a video. It could be a whitepaper or an ebook.

Free resources increase the value of what you are offering, provide a powerful conversion funnel, and drive more traffic to your website.

3. Segment the market

when creating an article you want to make sure you are focusing your marketing efforts on the appropriate people.

By segmenting your target market, you are creating an opportunity to connect with a small number of people.

For instance, you can segment your audience by age, marital status, education level, geographic location, and/or income.

Segmenting your audience helps to increase the chance that they will view your article. This is because their contact information has already been provided.

When the audience is more finely targeted it allows you to send them additional communications like in the form of free eBooks or discounts.

4. Content

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Content is at the core of content marketing and website creation. Content is what makes your audience feel important to your brand.

Your target audience should be responding to your content by visiting your site more frequently and returning often to see what you have to say.

The more often you can get them to visit your site the higher the probability they will visit it more frequently.

Content Marketing is the most important element of your brand and how well you leverage it will determine your results.

5. Leverage Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world.

More than 20 percent of the U.S. population uses Facebook and more than 100 million people per month use it.

If you haven’t already embraced Facebook, then you should.

Facebook is the perfect way to create a sales funnel through content marketing and interact with your audience directly.

You can create articles that are geared towards the people who like your page, and then you can email them the link and get their email addresses for follow-up campaigns.

6. Leverage Snapchat

I love Snapchat

Snapchat is growing by the day. It is where many of the Millennial audience spends most of their time on social media.

That’s why so many marketers are pushing Snapchat for building customer relationships.

The demographic that uses Snapchat is predominantly 18-30 year old and are very responsive to marketing messages.


Short-form video is the primary content format on Snapchat. It is a two-second looping format where users watch two seconds of video, and then swipe up to see the next two seconds.

While the video is not the primary content format, if you incorporate short-form videos, you can build a revenue-generating blog around the content.

The revenue potential of these videos is high, so you can create profitable programs around your content.

The "Newshour" program

Snapchat is also the place where you can create a weekly podcast called “The Newshour.”

This is a small, exclusive forum where a handful of influencers gather to speak and interact with each other.

This format allows users to engage with influencers directly through their content, even when they cannot attend.

Newshour provides a unique opportunity to connect with your audience and use Snapchat to engage.

The first episode of the Newshour podcast featured small bites of interesting content created by Matt Martin, writer for Brand24, and Jamie Smith, a writer for Moz.

Topics include: how to create a well-defined website, how WordPress powers the Digital Marketing Industry, and how to create a press kit.

You can create your own Newshour program through the form found on Snapchat.

You can write the questions or answers that you want to share during the show and direct your audience to your program by sharing on your social media accounts and putting out a simple alert on your website or in your newsletter.

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